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Racial Justice and Equity

Issues relating to racial equity, diversity, and inclusion cut across all aspects of our society and our city, therefore there needs to be a holistic approach across departments. As a nation, there have been many conversations about racial justice the last year and a half. Racial justice is not a new issue but recent events have forced a reckoning within our society. We need to acknowledge the work we have done but we need to stay steadfast on continuing this journey. We need to come out of our comfort zone to further the conversation and produce actions that will confront and deconstruct systemic racism. 


I support and will commit to enhancing the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to liaise across city entities. We need innovative solutions to make real progress on these issues rather than just talking points. It is not enough to be for nondiscrimination, it is important to be actively anti-discrimination. I have been and will continue to be an ally to every Somerville resident of every background.


As Mayor, I will fight against systemic racial, sexual, and gender-identity based discrimination:

  • Infrastructure: Supporting opportunities in housing, education, and employment that will allow those who have historically been discriminated against to continue to live in Somerville.

  • Representation: Making sure real equity is met at every level of Somerville’s city government.

  • Education: Fostering conversation in our schools and communities about equity and justice.

  • Funding: Properly funding our social services to make sure that responses to people in crisis are fair and proportionate.

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