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Mike Grunko


I have the good fortune to have observed and participated in Somerville politics for many years. Over that time, I have been involved in supporting the first campaigns of Sal Albano, Pat Jehlen, Denise Provost and Ben Ewen-Campen, and many others.


I led an insurgent campaign to build a progressive Ward 3 Democratic Committee and I serve as chair of that committee.  I served as Treasurer and President of SEIU Local 509 for 26 years and built one of the most progressive Labor Unions in Massachusetts.

The simple reason I am endorsing Mary Cassesso is that I believe that she is the candidate best prepared to serve as Somerville Mayor.


Somerville is at the point where a sure hand and inspiring leadership will be necessary. Our new Mayor must be ready to take advantage of Somerville’s popularity with folks who want to live here or locate their business here, while at the same time preserving and expanding our place as a home to people of diverse racial, ethnic and economic status.


Mary is up to that task. Her work in municipal and state government, at Harvard and at the Cambridge Health Alliance has given her remarkable experience in housing and health care as well as the basics of how our city works.


This is the most important municipal election in Somerville in 20 years. Please take the time to find out more about Mary and to join me in nominating her for Mayor on September 14.

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