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Labor and Economic Values

Labor Unions are essential to the character and well-being of our city. The unions that secure the workers of Somerville and their families must continue to thrive. The city of Somerville is proud of its working-class heritage and its growth in changing economic times. This campaign represents that journey and understands that unions fight for the advancement of all working people of this city. 


For Somerville to continue to thrive there need to be strong, sustainable, well paid jobs for our residents. The pandemic has shown too many are vulnerable in their work life and need more protection and benefits. This means a workforce that is trained and educated for the new economy and employers excited to be part of this community. I will work with employers to train and hire locally. I will prioritize unionized companies in city contractors and in development. I will fight to ensure that Somerville employers pay livable wages so that those who work in our city can afford to live in our city.


I strongly support the proper classification of “gig” workers as employees, which is the true nature of their work. Companies will pour massive amounts of money into ballot measures that will allow them to continue to exploit members of our community and I will stand firmly against them. My administration will protect workers in all sectors and always advocate for fair and equitable treatment. 


I will also work to assure that those who are currently in work are being treated fairly by their employers. Many of our most precarious workers have been shown to be the most essential over the course of the pandemic. The recent city ordinance concerning wage theft is a step in the right direction, but more has to be done  to advocate for and protect vulnerable workers in our community. I would also advocate at the state level for mandatory paid sick leave and other benefits to protect workers and their families.

  • Education on New Economy: I will help foster education on what the “new economy” is and how it provides opportunities for the city and its residents. This would include incentives for training and retraining in sustainable industries with good wages and a path to advancement for our residents.

  • Student Debt: I advocate for cancelling student debt to lessen the financial burden young people face. I also support tuition free community college to help prepare people for our future.

  • Address Wage Theft: My administration will work to proactively protect workers from unscrupulous employers.

  • Collaborate with Unions: My campaign has only used union labor throughout and I will continue to work with vendors in the city that have dedicated and organized workers.

  • Ensure Benefits: Address loopholes in businesses that do not offer benefits. All jobs need to have paid benefits, including paid sick leave. 

  • Small Businesses: I will help small businesses—the most important businesses in our city—recover from the pandemic and reach their full potential. 

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